Synopsis :
In the early days of Spring, when one witnesses the beauty of flowering cherry-trees,  doomsday clock tolled for our civilisation. Nuclear warfare had plagued the world with radioactive waste, underminig any form of life for centuries. The rare survivors of different nations had to unify to establish a peaceful society.
The coming to earth of an extraterrestrial civilisation provided the opportunity for the whole of mankind to renew with lost technologies. Peaceful colonies were then able to settle on exoplanets and inhabited moons.The life-saving character of this third type encounter wasn't unanimously recognized. Clans gathered and brought up imaginery dangers. These hostile groupes led false-flag military operations and proclaimed martial law. Overnight, Aliens were turned into colonizers.
The consumerist and destuctive market economy was restored. Earthlings had to join a military compulsory service to demonstrate their patriotism. Those who were domesticated were sent fighting with the defense troops. Those less inclined to fighting were invited to join clothing manufacture factories, once held by international fashion houses that shone in capital cities around the world. Thus, humanity was slowly being enslaved by a militaro-fashion elite.
Luxury industry financed new weapons. It equipped the troops with regal oufits for their new spacial and commercial conquests.

Special Thanks to Serge Prat