Double 0

The making of scale-models related to science fiction and super heros became my favorite hobby. It all started during my childhood years. I would faithfully recreate these fantastic worlds and their related characters, in short-scale.
In the 90s I accomplished what every decent geek dreams of : I occasionally worked in a comic book store. Much like « Jeff » Albertson – the comic book guy from the Simpsons – I roamed back and forth through the store's alleys, like a UFO. I was surrounded by imaginary characters and imaginery worlds, that enhanced an overwhelming reality.
The passion grew deeper the more I immersed myself into these universes.
When I first started painting scale-models, I used simple brushes (0, Double 0, Triple 0). I would occasionally work on custom orders or on models that I would put up for sale in several parisian second-hand shops. With time and pratice, my technique improved and soon enough my work had met with great success. In order to keep pace with demand, I had to take up more productive methods and bought professional grade compressor and aerograph.
This childhood passion has since been replaced by infographics and photography – my adult passions which I give myself over to – but it somehow lived on through the construction of my Lego universe, a miniature reproduction of my imagination. Enduring memories remain, some snapshots too. And maybe a Star Wars battle scene is still kept in my former high school Head's office...