Over the last few years, the octogenarian danish brand Lego reafirmed its leadership in its sector through audacity and innovation. The popular game designer, with effective marketing strategies, rides the wave of success licensing popular franchises such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Ring, Batman or Simpsons franchises. Some analysts consider Lego to be « the most powerful company in the world » (cabinet BrandFinance, 2015).
The legendary and timeless Lego bricks offer a limitless playground, where I can compose these multicolored creations. The passion for architecture brought me to constructing SF and comic-inspired dioramas (Batman, Iron man, Dr Strange...).
Years ago, a first Batcave project was the start of my bargain-hunt for these little plastic bircks. I searched the internet and went to many yard sales. The construction of fantastical wolrds is a time-consuming activity that can only happen at the cost of great sacrifices.
Saying that this Lego universe is expanding is a fact. Nothing is ever immovable through a construction, deconstruction or reconstruction process.
This methodology strenghtened my microcosm. The Marecarium is the virtual space where my inspiration takes shelter, where present and future ideas crystallize.
The variety of figures, the abundance of stackable bricks and other pieces - and their many shapes - give me complete freedom of creation.
Lego constructions are built and taken to pieces. The structures evolve and expand. New creation materialize according to mood and inspiration. Time dedicated to this passion is a rational investment set in a vertuous circle rationale. Accuracy and attention to details are key when constructing a small scale world. The artist relies on these on these when researching or projecting roughs.
All in all, Lego bricks build and/or take apart the artist's ego. Being an AFOL (Adult Fan Of Lego) helps shaping this polychrome and polymorph universe, without limitation.